Tuesday, June 7, 2022

The BBC Refuses To Misgender A Rapist


It’s the end of the world as we knew it.

The Times of London recently reported that the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) altered a rape victim's quotes to avoid "misgendering" her biological male transgender attacker.

The venerable newspaper reported that the BBC's “diversity team” made what it termed the "unethical and disrespectful" decision to change a rape victim's quotes in an October 2021 article about lesbian women who feel pressured to have sex with biological men who identify as transgender women.

In said article, a lesbian woman recounted her experience with a biological male who presents as female. The biological male physically forced her to have sex with him after a date and allegedly threatened to ostracize her if she refused.

The victim described the horrific experience to the BBC using "he" and "him" pronouns for her assailant, which the BBC, unbeknownst to her, changed to "they" and "them" upon publication.

Got to be politically correct, no matter what, right? The BBC's updated style guide reportedly mandates that its writers use an individual's preferred pronouns in their reporting. Even when referring to a rapist. Because, sexual assault is one thing, but misgendering a faux-person is beyond the pale!

(The writer apologizes for using the word “mandates” in the previous paragraph. In light of the story’s sensitive subject matter, it was clearly inappropriate.)

That said, however, it is endlessly amusing when one faction of the LGBTQIIA+ Community is at odds with another-- in this case the Ls vs. the Ts.   


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