Sunday, June 5, 2022

The Left Never Rests


The left never rests. The moment they achieve one major victory over common sense they immediately push farther afield in search of their next conquest. They are relentless. They have strung together an impressive array of startling victories in recent years. They got a candidate elected President of the United States- twice, yet- who openly claimed he wanted to fundamentally change America.

          They got Obamacare pushed through. They have legalized gay marriage. They are forcing public spaces, schools and even private companies to accommodate the transgendered, the non-gendered and the many-gendered and to remove gender specific signage. They are well on their way to making “misgendering” someone a crime. They are determined to force private and public organizations, religious groups, and you and I to pay for contraception for all. They are encouraging the massive influx of illegal immigrants, whether of a criminal bent or not. Oh, wait a minute, they are all criminals by definition. Their unending assault on religion has produced the least religious generation, the Millennials, in American history. They are obstructing any and all viable attempts at increasing our energy production, though we are awash in untapped oil, gas and coal reserves.

         They are very close to attaining their most mind-blowing victory yet: getting anyone who so much as questions the man-caused, irreversible, global warming dogma to be considered a close-minded ignoramus. As it stands, the President is, by executive fiat, embarking on a path of bankrupting the United States for what even the global-warming-besotted “scientists” admit will be no significant benefit. Except that we are already 30+ trillion dollars worse off than “bankrupt.”

        And, in recent years, some have demanded that cities dramatically reduce the use of streetlights and other forms of illumination at night, citing studies such as one by the American Medical Association that recommended that “people avoid staring at electronic screens after dark.” That’s right. Bummer for those of you in northern climes in the winter! No one watch television or use your laptop or I-pad after 4:30 p.m. “Back away from that smart-phone, Johnny! Who’s in for candlelight Yacht-zee?!”

        According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, LED’s are of particular concern, as they increase “skyglow” by emitting more blue light than the older bulbs. The city of Los Angeles has installed over 165,000 LEDs in recent years, allegedly slashing streetlight energy use by 60 percent and netting $8 million in energy savings annually. This should be hailed by libs as a good thing, no?

        No. Because, according to this article, a University of Bristol study found that, “certain moths can’t perform evasive maneuvers against predatory bats under LEDs.”  (You can’t make it up!)

        The article also noted that “artificial lights can disrupt navigation, mating and feeding among the many nocturnal animals that share our cities.” But enough about Bill Clinton.

        There goes the “Shining City on a Hill.”

        Let there be…darkness!


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