Sunday, June 5, 2022

Sex VS. Race


The same people who treat the differences between the sexes as arbitrary and insignificant often treat the color of one’s skin as determinative.  White people are inherently racist you know. It’s baked into their genes. There’s nothing they can do about it. They are oppressors by way of original sin. They all wallow in their white privilege, you see.

But should folks who can neither define what a woman is, nor tell the difference between a “clump of cells” and a baby, be allowed to conclusively determine the inherent characteristics-- and value-- of various races? And dictate race-based policies?

What is a woman? Too hard to tell. What is a baby? Impossible to ascertain. But we know for certain that peoples of color (POC) can’t be expected to obtain valid I.D.s, Asians are unfairly overrepresented in colleges and universities, and that whitey is racist and bigoted.

              The Bible tells us that God cared deeply about the sexes: “Male and female He created them.” It does not say, “Black and white He created them.”  

              There is a reason for that.

And it is anything but arbitrary and insignificant.


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