Monday, June 13, 2022

The Satanic Temple Pulls Out Of "Family Friendly" Idaho "Pride In The Park" Event


Nothing says “family friendly” like an LGBTQ+ event. Especially one partially supported by The Satanic Temple. And that is precisely how the Saturday, June 11th “Pride in the Park” event, hosted by The North Idaho Pride Alliance (NIPA), was billed. Advertising for the event in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho touted it as a “family-friendly” get-together, albeit one featuring drag performances, an “LGBTQ+ affirming prayer,” and LGBT projects for children. (I’m not sure I want to know what the “LGBT projects for children” entail.)

The Idaho Tribune noted the satanic group’s involvement in the “pride” event in a June 6th article. The next day, the popular conservative Twitter account Libs of TikTok posted a link to the article in a Twitter thread.  This publicity prompted the Idaho chapter of The Satanic Temple to pull out of a lineup of venders and supporters for the “family-friendly” LGBTQ+ pride event.

Libs of TikTok also referenced a tweet obtained by the Tribune, which had been sent by an account apparently belonging to Rowan Astra, the Congregation Head Elect for Idaho’s chapter of The Satanic Temple. The tweet stated that The Satanic Temple would be promoting “merchandise” at the event, as well as “performing ‘unbaptisms’ for those interested!” (I’m not sure I want to know what “merchandise” would be promoted at the event.)

The tweet also proclaimed, “Just know, Satan loves you for you,” and sported the hashtag “hailsatan,” among others. (Is it a good thing if Satan loves you?)

Astra’s account has since gone private, and The Satanic Temple has been removed from the list of supporters and vendors on the NIPA website. NIPA told LifeSiteNews that the Idaho Satanic Temple had “dropped out of the event on their own accord and will not be present at Pride in the Park on Saturday, June 11th.”

It appears TST dropped out of the festive extravaganza to avoid potential embarrassment to the NIPA. Or vice-versa. It’s hard to tell.

Groups still currently supporting the LGBTQ+ PRIDE! event include the Calvary Lutheran Church, Community United Methodist Church, Community of the Holy Spirit – Ecumenical Catholic Communion, and St. Luke’s Episcopal Church. Who better to lead attendees in the “LGBTQ+ affirming prayer” or to perform the “unbaptisms?”

All right kids, everyone join hands and say it with me now: “Satan loves me, this I know, for the Satanic Temple tells me so…




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