Monday, June 20, 2022

Reflections On Father's Day


Reflecting on this Father’s Day, I realize once again how much I miss my dad. Dad was, as they used to say, a “real man.”

So-called “toxic Masculinity” is considered a terrible thing in today’s society. But it was “toxic masculinity” that built this country. It was toxic masculinity that defeated the British who had the world’s largest military at the time. It was toxic masculinity that defeated Fascism and Communism…and thwarted countless terror attacks in more recent years. It was toxic masculinity that gave American women the most freedom and highest standard of living of any nation in history.

My dad beat up two automobiles because their occupants, in two separate instances, randomly hurled vile insults and epithets at his offspring. (When I say he “beat up” the two sedans, I should add both were still drivable, just much the worse for wear.)

That is precisely the kind of man we need now, “a white knight,” as one of my late brother’s friends called him. Might have to drop “white” from the description so as not to appear racist, something my dad assuredly was not. But you get the idea: people of strength, courage, competence, integrity, honor, and yes, chivalry.

The obvious lack of these attributes, on a macro scale, is dangerous. Existentially so. It is specifically because Vladimir Putin sensed American weakness that he recently decided to invade Ukraine. That is not speculation. That is a fact, according to those in the know. And it is the same reason that China will soon attack Taiwan. Thousands are dead, millions displaced because of this infirmity.

Today, the feminized and infantilized America, with drag queens flouncing about everywhere, is in steep decline and possibly heading toward societal collapse. We are being mocked abroad and are ceding our place on the world’s stage.

So here’s to you—and those like you, dad—who won World War II, eventually forcing those who attacked us to surrender unconditionally. Those who came home, built careers and families, and didn’t complain about their sacrifice.

And those who, like my dad, rarely missed an opportunity to tell his wife and kids he loved them. My dad thought that was part of being a real man, too.

There are few like this left.

So, guys, heaven is blessed, even as things are less heavenly here on Earth for your absences.

“Toxic masculinity?” It is the lack of masculine virtues that is proving so harmful to us now.



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