Saturday, June 18, 2022

Iraqi Speaker Vows To "Cut Off The Manhood" Of Anyone Claiming Iraq Will Normalize Relations With Israel


Mohammed Rikan Hadid al-Halbousi, Speaker of the Council of Representatives of Iraq, has been the source of some amusing, if vile, quotes attacking Israel-- and those who seek to normalize relations with the diminutive Middle Eastern democratic nation.

According to a Gateway Pundit video compilation of excerpts from his various speeches, Halbousi says that neither he nor Iraq will ever recognize Israel as a nation, or even extend their hands to Israelis. He tells officials of other nations, “Don’t even say their name, instead say the ‘occupying Israeli entity.’”

In remarks made to Sunni tribesmen in October of 2021, he states, “To hell with Israel. To hell with the Zionist entity. Damn them as many times as there are hairs on their heads.” Good one, Mohammed.

And, speaking of those who have apparently said Iraq may someday normalize relations with Israel, he added: “For those who accuse these provinces, I've said it and I'll say it again, I’ll cut off their manhood.”

Democrats rushed to embrace Halbousi’s words and sentiments, and quickly threatened to “cut off the manhood” of Donald Trump, his two male sons, Ron DeSantis, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, January 6ers, and “anyone else misinformed enough to disagree with us.”

Democrats subsequently apologized…for using the term “manhood,” and vowed to instead say “a person’s penis” going forward.


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