Thursday, June 30, 2022

Biden Administration To Tie Federal Funding Of Schools To LGBTQ Mandate Compliance


The Biden administration recently announced that federal education funding will soon be tied to schools’ adherence to LGBTQ mandates.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced last month that it would consider discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity a violation of Title IX. That would mean, for instance, that if a school decided not to allow biological males who identify as women to use women’s restrooms or compete alongside females in sports, it would lose out on federal funding.


Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack stated that the “USDA is committed to administering all its programs with equity and fairness and serving those in need with the highest dignity. A key step in advancing these principles is rooting out discrimination in any form – including discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.” First of all, why are Title IX and gender and sexual orientation issues the bailiwick of the Department of Agriculture? Does it not have enough to do trying to feed people and deal with belching and farting cows? Second, letting males into female bathrooms and locker rooms and allowing them to compete against women is not serving anybody with “the highest dignity.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis blasted Biden’s directive, noting its potential to revoke funding for K-12 students who receive free or reduced-cost school lunches. And South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has threatened to sue the Biden administration due to the fact the new policy would limit funding to school lunch programs in districts where biologically male athletes are restricted from participating in girl’s athletics. Noem said, “President Biden is holding lunch money for poor Americans hostage in pursuit of his radical agenda.”

Is it really good policy to tie federal largesse to a school’s endorsement of transgenderism or anal sex? Asking for a friend.

I’m not a big fan of federal funding in most cases anyway, but should it be tied to a school’s endorsement of, say, polyamory? Fisting? “Water sports?” Or, for that matter, of misogyny, white supremacy, or NASCAR racing?   




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