Monday, June 27, 2022

Young Lesbian Couple Say They May Be Half-Sisters


In yet another example of rapid societal decay, a young lesbian couple who have been “dating” for two years recently revealed they may actually be half-sisters.

The two girls share an OnlyFans account, with the handle @notyouraveragesisterz. Get it? Anyway, they recently took to TikTok to let their 560,000-plus followers know that they might just be siblings. They did so after allegedly discovering that both of their mothers had an affair years ago with the same man, according to the New York Post. Dear old mom.

The couple’s TikTok post began by showing the smitten duo with the caption: “Us happy in our 2 year relationship.” Aw, young love. The next picture sported the caption: “Finding out we might be half sisters,” and showed a slightly less exuberant set of lovers. In a subsequent short video they asked their followers: “Should we even risk getting a DNA test?” The responses were split, with some saying they must get a DNA test ASAP and some saying “it doesn’t matter.”

“Love is love,” you know.

The couple’s most recent post, as of this writing, stated that a “DNA test is on the way.”   

However, in a previous video post, the girls wrote: “we LOVE that we found out we might be half sisters after 2 years of dating.” So, the DNA test appears to be moot.

A number of years ago, the “hip” thing was to be gay. That’s now passe, old school…traditional. More recently, countless young people have succumbed to peer (and societal) pressure and opted to convert to the opposite sex. This is—still—The Age of Transgenderism, but that Age may be waning. Incestuous lesbians might well be the next hip thing. Surely K-12 schools will soon be encouraging this fabulously inclusive, empowering and exciting trend. They will, no doubt, refuse to notify parents of their young charges’ newly professed desire to have sex with their same sex sibling.

You may not be free to decline an experimental vaccine injection—or to defend yourself with a firearm—but you will be free to lick your sister.  Actually, may be coerced encouraged to do so.

Progress, you know. Ain’t it grand?


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