Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Biden Administration Claims "Misinformation" Is A Leading Cause Of Death


Biden administration FDA chief Robert Califf is on record as saying that “misinformation” is a leading cause of death in the United States. CNN’s Pamela Brown recently asked him why he thinks this is the case. Califf answered that he believes “Reliable, truthful messages are not getting across, and it’s being washed out by a lot of misinformation.” Okay, whose “reliable, truthful messages” are not getting across, and whose “misinformation” is washing them out? Califf did admit that there isno way to quantify” how many people are killed by the spread of alleged misinformation (if there are any at all), before once again essentially blaming free speech for the sudden drop in life expectancy.

Califf somehow failed to mention the skyrocketing rate of “excess deaths” in America over the past couple of years, deaths which almost perfectly correlate with the rollout of the experimental mRNA Covid-19 vaccines and the ever-increasing numbers of fully vaccinated—and boosted-- people. (Probably just pure coincidence.)

To wit: the most recent data from the CDC shows that U.S. millennials (those aged 25-44) experienced an unprecedented 84% increase in excess mortality during the final four months of 2021, if the analysis of financial expert, Blackrock whistleblower, and vaccine skeptic Edward Dowd is to be believed.

When I hear a member of the Biden administration, an “expert,” a talking head in the mainstream media, or other elitist talk of “misinformation,” I logically assume they’re talking about the Trump Russia-collusion hoax or the Hunter Biden laptop is Russian disinformation lie. And then I remember its a member of the Biden administration, an “expert,” a talking head in the mainstream media, or other elitist I’m hearing and realize there is virtually no chance they are telling the unvarnished truth.  

These frauds also told us, with a straight face, that the endless violent protests of 2020 that caused billions of dollars in damage and dozens of deaths were “mostly peaceful.” And that cops killing unarmed blacks is an epidemic while never mentioning black-on-black crime. And they tell us climate change may well lead to our extinction and that coastal cities and many islands will soon be under water…and promptly proceed to build their retirement mansions in coastal cities and on islands.

Why do you think our leaders favor groups over individuals? Why do you think they are so eager to replace middle-class middle-Americans as a voting bloc? Why do you think they leave the southern border wide open? Why do you think they have driven the cost of energy and food up so dramatically and quickly? Why do you think they have decriminalized crime and criminalized traditional values? Why do you think they are now calling free speech hate speech? Why do you think they don’t want you to have any say in what they “teach” your children? And brand you a “terrorist” if you question them. Why do you think they wish to feminize men and infantilize everyone? Why do you think they want to acknowledge the existence of an infinite number of genders yet truly recognize only two classes of people: “Oppressors” (white people) and “The Oppressed” (everyone else)? Why do you think they want unfettered abortion? Why do you think they blatantly ignore the “mandates” they impose on the rest of us? Why do you think they exempt themselves from nearly all the laws they enact?

And why do you think they want to take away your Second Amendment rights?

When you really stop and think about all of this…it isn’t possible that it’s all a benign coincidence. They are betting that you won’t really stop and think about all of this. And that, if they can effectively cancel or replace you-- or take away your means of defending yourself, it won’t even matter if you do. And, at the bare minimum, they want to cancel or nullify your vote.

Welcome to The Great Reset. Where truth is called “misinformation” and misinformation is called “the truth.” And you and I are called names by the supposedly “tolerant” and diversity-worshipping literati.

Relatively sudden and massive societal change has occurred before. In countries such as Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea, and Venezuela-- among others.

And it has led to destitution, despair, and the deaths of millions. And that is not “misinformation.”


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