Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Maryland's "Pregnant Person's Freedom Act Of 2022" Could Legalize Infantacide


Maryland Senate Bill 669, a.k.a. the “Pregnant Person’s Freedom Act of 2022,” could effectively allow babies to be left to die for as long as the first 28 days after birth, according to analysis from a pro-life attorney. Senator William Smith, a Democrat, sponsored the repulsive legislation, which is slated to have a hearing on March 15. 

American Center for Law and Justice attorney Olivia Summers stated in her analysis of the bill that it “proposes a revision of the fetal murder/manslaughter statute that would serve to handcuff the investigation of infant deaths unrelated to abortion.” This is due to the fact that the legislation would prohibit investigations and criminal prosecutions for women and medical professionals for a “failure to act” in relation to a “perinatal death.” 

Summers added, “In other words, a baby born alive and well could be abandoned and left to starve or freeze to death, and nothing could be done to punish those who participated in that cruel death.” 

She noted that the bill’s language is unclear, allowing for the possibility that the law could be interpreted to “prevent investigations into the death of infants at least seven days AFTER their birth, and may extend to infants as old as four weeks!” 

Whereas The Maryland Code does not define “perinatal,” a law passed in 2020 defines “perinatal care” as the “provision of care during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum and neonatal periods.” 

A definition on MedicineNet, a website owned by WebMD, defines it as “the 20th to 28th week of gestation” to “1 to 4 weeks after birth.” And the Merriam-Webster definition of neonatal is: of, relating to, or affecting the newborn and especially the human infant during the first month after birth.” The first month after birth.

This proposed bill is not only revolting and inhuman, but entirely unnecessary. According to the Maryland Department of Human Resources: “Under the [state’s] Safe Haven law, a distressed parent who is unable or unwilling to care for their infant can safely give up custody of their baby, no questions asked. Newborns can be left at hospitals or law enforcement stations.” 

Nah. Let’s just let them die, alone and unwanted. Seems like a better option.

 28 days? 28 weeks? 28 months? What’s the difference?

In an appeal to “their base,” Democrats should just blend two of  their favorite causes together into one truly progressive bill (666), which would simultaneously raise the age to which children could be aborted and lower the age at which a person could vote. “Logically,” they should be one and the same. A twofer! Say, maybe, at 6-years-old.


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