Wednesday, March 2, 2022

NPR Tweets Out Suggestions For Dealing With A Stressful News Cycle


A February 25 tweet from National Public Radio purported to address how Americans should deal with traumatizing headlines about the ongoing war in Ukraine. NPR noted, "Russia’s attack on Ukraine means there’s a stressful news cycle ahead of us. The reality of conflict is always a shock to the system.”  Patriotic Ukrainian citizens are dying in the streets defending their families and their nation against an overwhelming Russian invasion of their land and we have to deal with a “stressful news cycle?!” Embarrassing.

Sickeningly, there was more. The article, from NPR's so-called "Life Kit," offered several helpful suggestions for the self-care of those sitting at home reading about the dangers brave Ukrainians were facing.

Rattled by reading? Have a heartache after a headline? Panicking after a post? Going to wet your pants after watching a cable news report? Not to worry. NPR says, "Maybe this is the time that you finally recreate a family recipe, or maybe you learn how to make a prettier pie, or maybe you just lose yourself to a kitsch reorganization.”

“Learn how to make a prettier pie?!” “A prettier pie?!” Really? Who says our media is demented?

This is just another example of the softness, feminization and infantilization of our culture. Even in an aging population, finding an actual mature adult is an increasingly difficult task. NPR types overwhelmingly come from ultra-privileged backgrounds and our ruling elites are nothing if not narcissistic. We are no longer a serious nation. Which is why we are no longer being taken seriously by the likes of Russia and China.

NPR should have taken a page from colleges and universities and suggested that readers of current events eat warm cookies, pet a puppy, spend some time in a “bouncy house,” doodle with crayons, or play with Play-Doh to lessen the emotional impact of exposing themselves to bad news.

But what should those of us who have been exposed to reports like this from NPR do? Vomit?

It appears the Biden administration might be “reorganizing its kitsch”—or its sock drawer—as it hasn’t really done much to aid Ukraine or thwart the Russians.

So, Ukrainians face the bombs raining down on them and the bullets whizzing past, as NPR readers/listeners try to somehow summon the courage to read about it. Or just go bake a pie.



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