Saturday, March 12, 2022

Parents Not "Entitled" To Know Their Kids' Gender Identity, School District Says


During a recent Eau Claire Area School District (Wisconsin) staff development training session, a slide informed teachers that parents are “not entitled” to know their kids’ gender identity.

The slide was obtained by Empower Wisconsin, and purportedly reads as follows:

Slide 56- Talk amongst yourselves!

Facilitators, guide this discussion. Remember, parents are not entitled to know their kids’ identities. That knowledge must be earned. Teachers are often straddling this complex situation. In ECASD, our priority is supporting the student.


 “Parents are not entitled to know their kids’ identities?!” That is one of the most ridiculous and disturbing sentences ever uttered in the English language. First off, teachers are not entitled to determine what the parents who pay their salaries are “entitled to know.” Secondly, parents typically know what sex/gender their kids are from before they are born. Some of the ECASD teachers may have heard of ultrasounds and gender reveal parties. And, note to educators, parents create their kids, raise them, pay for everything they need—and are responsible for them and to them. On one hand, this is like saying parents are not entitled to know what their kids are wearing. Um, it’s kind of obvious. On the other, it’s like saying taxpayers are not entitled to know what the government is using their money for, or saying car owners aren’t entitled to know what the repair shop is doing to their vehicles. It is akin to dentists saying you are not entitled to know what they are doing in your mouth.


In a related story, the editors of St. Joseph University’s student newspaper, The Hawk, recently reminded everyone to watch their language during this ongoing Women’s History Month. They weren’t talking about swearing, as nowadays many women swear like drunken sailors—and some are drunken sailors.  No, instead they urged us all to avoid using two terms for women which The Hawk editors find deplorable. The first, a term they dubbed “particularly problematic,” is “female.” This “f” word, they say, is “generally used to preface negative attributes about women,” and is a way “to strip [them] of their personhood” and “reduce them to a biological name.” Worse yet, say The Hawk’s editors, the term reinforces outdated notions of gender, such as the “traditional binary.” Egads!


Words such as “female” may seem trivial and inoffensive to many of us say the editors, but it is crucial — absolutely crucial! — that people monitor their own language and “consistently check [their] implicit biases.”


This is exactly wrong, 180-degrees from the truth. Female, woman, lady, girl…all are descriptions of a sacred being, a sex that used to be placed on a pedestal, the only one capable of bearing a child. Erasing, denying and cancelling anything representing the female gender strips them of their personhood, their distinction and uniqueness, and reduces them to a bland and unsacred sameness, a robotic non-identity identity as a non-gendered personage. This happens because of progressives’ remarkable blend of implicit biases, intolerance of scientific fact, disdain of religion, general ignorance, and total embrace of insanity.

     So, to recap: 1) according to progressives, parents aren’t entitled to know their children’s gender, and 2) decent folk don’t use the term “female” to describe a……woman.

The former assertion is patently absurd, the latter utterly preposterous. If we shouldn’t use “female” to describe a woman, why should we use “woman” to describe a woman? If gender cannot be assumed or even determined, and is non-binary, then how is the term “woman” any different or less offensive than “female?”  

Gender blending, gender denial, gender cancelling, gender inflation, gender confusion…it’s all part of The Great Gender Reset to destabilize society and help pave the way for the broader Great Reset to condemn capitalism and Judeo-Christian values to the ash heap of history.

But, fellow parents and patriots, the leftist aspiring puppet-masters controlling so much of our lives lately don’t believe we are entitled to know that, either.


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