Sunday, March 20, 2022

Biden Administration Aiding, Abetting New Axis Of Evil


You can't make this up: President Biden is going to effectively give nuclear weapons to Iran, a country that routinely calls the nation he (supposedly) leads “the Great Satan,” and that has repeatedly threatened to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. U.S. officials say they are close to reimplementing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), a “deal” or “agreement” that is effectively a treaty. Just as incredibly, he is letting Russia, a country we are essentially at war with, handle some of the negotiations with Iran for us. Moreover, Russia recently announced that the United States had made written concessions to it that would allow Iran to continue trade with Russia, despite the fact that Iran recently fired multiple missiles at a U.S. consulate in Erbil, Iraq, and that much of Ukraine now lies in ruins courtesy of our negotiating proxy. Reimplementation of the JCPOA would mean putting at least $10 billion into the Kremlin’s coffers-- at the same time we are supposedly putting strict sanctions on Russia.

“Stupefying” doesn't begin to describe these facts. The Biden administration is aiding and abetting the modern-day Axis of Evil.

The Russia-Ukraine War never had to happen. There is no absolving Russia and Putin of blame. Period. Putin is a monster. But much of the blame for all the death and destruction can be put on President Biden. This war likely would not have taken place if he hadn’t cancelled the Keystone Pipeline on Day 1 of his administration. And if he had sent substantive help to Ukraine in the months leading up to the Russian attack. An attack his own government knew was coming—as it loudly and incessantly proclaimed. But Biden will brook no complaints, accept no blame. In this way, he shares some traits with Putin. Both are vainglorious-- and don’t care much about others.

The U.S. was prosperous, confident, independent, and still largely free just two short years ago. To a lesser extent, so was Ukraine. And then along came Biden.

And now? Never in the field of human conflict have so many been so screwed over by so few. Including generations yet unborn. (Though Democrats might have tried to abort them anyway.)

The Biden administration’s actions—and inactions-- are utterly inexcusable. For comparison, they are as if the FDR administration had been working on a “deal” with the Italians during World War II that would have granted them access to our nuclear research program… and then let Japan negotiate that “agreement” for us. Shortly after it bombed Pearl Harbor. “Preposterous” doesn’t begin to describe the actions of this administration.

The good news is that, short of using nuclear weapons, neither Russia nor China nor Iran can defeat or destroy the United States.

But they won’t have to. Because it appears the Biden administration is hell bent on doing just that.

Ironically, it is the only thing they seem capable of achieving.



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