Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Commonality VS. Disharmony


The founders knew that commonality was a great benefit to the Republic. It brought harmony and stability. That is why the 1795 Immigration Act specified that new Americans “be attached to the principals of the United States” as “this leads to good order and harmony.” They wished to make certain that we only brought in immigrants who loved America and would put America first—you might have heard of that phrase-- and would screen out all others. Today's Democrats seem to want to screen out only those who would put America first and let in all others. It’s hard to imagine a bigger change than that…or one so obviously destructive to the nation and those that wish to come here because of their love for the freedom and opportunity it has traditionally stood for.

Democrats obsessively focus on identity politics for similar reasons, and champion those who try to break our society apart, such as those who looted businesses, burned cities, toppled statues, and threatened all who dared to get in their way during last summer’s “mostly peaceful” riots. They know the nation’s demographics have changed so much that they can now cobble together a bare majority of people from identity and special interest groups-- people who have no affinity for America other than its largess-- and win national elections. Or steal them. (Screw you FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, CNN, et. al., if you think you can dictate what everyone else is “allowed” to believe, think, or say.) The demographic tide moves inexorably in their direction, because of their own actions. They will do anything to get power over you and I…and keep it.

And that tells you all you need to know about them.

How we react to their calumny will tell them all they need to know about us.


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