Friday, June 4, 2021

Democratic State Senator Proposes Bill To Force People To Vote


Connecticut state Sen. Will Haskell (D) has proposed a bill that would mandate that every citizen vote. The coercion would be enforced by threat of fines or community service.

Let’s be clear: if a government can force you to vote, it can force you to vote a certain way. Socialists love to espouse the ridiculous ruse that if everyone votes, democracy is somehow strengthened. What is strengthened is the government. This is why Democrats spend such an astonishing amount of time, money and effort in get out the vote drives. It is why they are against any form of identification being needed to vote, why they want to give felons and illegal immigrants the vote, etc., etc. It is also why they love mail-in ballots and any other form of effectively uncontrollable, anonymous, mass voting.

Democrats get out the vote drives in many areas, such as NBA arenas, college campuses, and inner-city wards, are already nothing more than directives to “vote for Biden and Democrats, not for the bad Orange Man and the scary, evil conservatives that hate your friends, the planet and don’t want to pay for your contraceptives and sex-change operations.”

When a government tries to compel people to vote, whether they wish to or not…or have any knowledge of the issues or the candidates…it typically does so as a way of negating the votes of those who might challenge its power.

When those in power offer people incentives to vote, they are really offering people incentives to vote for those who offered them incentives. And they are using other folks’ tax money to do this!

In a similar vein, California Gov. Gavin “French Laundry” Newsome, among others, is aggressively trying to bribe people to get jabbed with one of the experimental coronavirus vaccines. It is astounding-- and a sad reflection of American’s civic knowledge and engagement-- that there hasn’t been any serious pushback to the endless totalitarian-esque mandates, decrees, and abuses surrounding the COVID-1984 pandemic.



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