Monday, June 21, 2021

Mueller To Teach Course On Mueller Probe


The University of Virginia is planning to host a class on the Mueller investigation of former President Trump, otherwise known as the Great Russian Collusion Hoax. The investigation, which spanned most of three years and cost millions of taxpayer dollars, ended with a whimper, but only after an armed SWAT team, guns drawn, conducted a pre-dawn raid on the home of 66-year old former Trump associate Roger Stone and his wife, an embarrassment to Mueller and law enforcement in general. This would be akin to sending Delta Force to pick up Nancy Pelosi for jaywalking. As Stone said of the 29 FBI agents in 17 vehicles that swarmed his property, “They could have contacted my lawyer.”

The University, founded by Thomas Jefferson, recently announced that its School of Law course will take students “inside the investigation that dominated headlines during the Trump administration.” The news release added that the course will “offer an inside look at the role of special counsel,” and will be taught by former members of Mueller’s team…and Robert Mueller himself! What a concept! No bias here! The release noted the Stone prosecution but somehow omitted the part about the entire investigation being a sham of epic proportions, a political witch-hunt for the ages. The UVA class will almost surely also forget to mention that a prosecutor attached to Mueller’s Special Counsel probe is being investigated for falsely testifying to Congress.


Axios reported, “The course will begin with the start of the investigation and Mueller’s appointment as special counsel. It will then focus on the special counsel’s relationship with Congress and the Justice Department, how the investigation related to the White House and the Roger Stone prosecution.”


This is as if the Nuremburg Trials were conducted by Nazi Party officials. It is akin to Harvard letting Richard Nixon and H.R. Haldeman teach a course on the Watergate investigation. Did a major university have Oliver Stone and Nancy Reagan teach a course on the Iran-Contra scandal or Bill Clinton lecturing on the Monica Lewinsky affair?


Sadly, such is the state of higher education in America today.


Somewhere, Thomas Jefferson weeps.





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