Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Trump's "Baseless" Claims


Former President Trump spoke to the North Carolina Republican Party convention for 90-minutes on June 5th, repeating his “totally baseless” claim that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from him. Meanwhile, the media was focused on if the billionaire and ex (?)-president had put his pants on backwards. Really. They even fact checked the notion. Turns out, the claim that The Donald had his pants on incorrectly was “totally baseless.”

Virtually every news story or article on the 2020 election notes that Trump believes the election was stolen from him—and his supporters—and promptly labels that belief “totally baseless,” “utterly unfounded,” “completely without evidence,” “totally debunked,” or some such similar dismissal. The truth, however, is that those very dismissals are totally baseless and utterly without merit. The media makes baseless claims that the Supreme Court threw out multiple cases of alleged election fraud, but that is a flat out lie. The Court simply refused to hear them.


The Washington Post/New York Times/MSNBC/CNN/ABC/CBS/NBC/etc.:

“Trump has made baseless claims that the economy grew while he was in office. In addition, he has made utterly unfounded claims that his policies led to record low unemployment rates for women and minorities. He has made widely debunked claims that he strengthened the American military, led the nation to energy independence, had high turnouts at his political rallies, and was kicked off of Twitter. Moreover, he preposterously alleged that Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin were effective in treating the coronavirus. He followed those crazy statements up by taking credit for overseeing several new vaccines for preventing COVID-19, “and in record time.” The former president also believed he was the victim of a “Russia-Hoax” perpetrated by the “fake news media” that supposedly disliked him. Lately, he asserted that Nancy Pelosi likes ice cream, the Earth is round, and that grass is generally green due to a process called “photosynthesis.”

Fact checkers are busy working on these numerous implausible Trump claims.

What will the Mad Orange Man come up with next? Whatever it is, you can bet it’s a lie.


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