Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Professor Claims American Universities Too Right-Wing


       Insanity much? Talk about your “Nutty Professor!”

                       The real problem with the “modern American university” is that it “is a right-wing institution,” according to Asheesh Kapur Siddique, an assistant professor of history at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

      In a recent article for that august journal of current events, Teen Vogue, Siddique wrote, “The right’s dominance of academia and its reign over universities is destroying higher education, and the only way to save the American university is for students and professors to take back control of campuses.”

                       Siddique says that university boards of trustees are “stacked with members from corporate backgrounds” and, therefore, lean right. Yes, like those heading corporations such as Coke, American Airlines, Nike, Amazon, Google, and Twitter?

                       To say this is a preposterous statement does not begin to do it justice. Everyone, even the French, can agree that American higher education is entirely owned and run by far left idealogues. Survey after survey shows that 90-97% of the professors themselves admit to being liberal/progressive/left leaning. Virtually the same percentage admit they vote exclusively for Democrats. Virtually the same percentage of political donations made by those employed by the vast majority of universities go to Democrats and Democrat-supporting organizations. Multiculturalism, cancel culture, “wokeism,” identity politics and now critical race theory are ubiquitous on college campuses. Students are not so much educated as indoctrinated. SAT and ACT scores are out. Social justice warring is in. Conservatives are either not invited to speak on campuses or chased off of them if they dare to show up.

                       Stating that the “real problem” with American universities is that they are right-wing institutions is akin to saying the “real problem” with the Holocaust was that it was so pro-Jewish. Or that the real problem with the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) is that it was comprised of Northern, black-loving abolitionists. (Or that the real problem with ABC’s “The View” is that the hosts are too erudite and articulate.)

                       Siddique is simply employing an extreme version of a common tactic of those on the left: projection-- accusing their opponents of being what they in fact are. In this case to stymie efforts by some parents and conservatives to reign in the ever-increasing dominance of Marxist propaganda and anti-American sentiment on college campuses across the fruited plain.

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