Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Protesters Say Asking For Peace Is White Privilege


            The mob of protesters approached the man’s house. The man yelled out to them: “I voted for Biden! There’s my Biden sign! Please be peaceful!”


The protesters replied: “Fuck you! Asking for people to be peaceful is white supremacy!”


Well, that appeal didn’t work out too well. Appeasement of evil never does.


Let’s think about what the protesters were really saying, even if they were too stupid to realize it. Implicit in the statement, “asking for people to be peaceful is white supremacy” is the belief that non-whites either are incapable of being peaceful or should simply not be expected to aspire to such lofty standards. Unless they are saying that they themselves don’t believe in peace at all.


Why, then, have so many in the liberal media insisted on calling rioting hordes of Black Lives Matter members, Antifa types, and assorted other anarchists and ne’er-do-wells “mostly peaceful protesters” over the past six months? Were they subtly accusing the protesters of being white supremacists? Or was the latent white supremacy just pouring out of these reporters?


This kind of bullshit is everywhere these days. Teachers who attempt to discipline unruly students in their classrooms are accused of being racist. If they still use a letter grading system they are accused of racism. If they expect certain students to speak coherently they are accused of racism. If they believe students should not come to school with their pants falling down around their thighs or ankles they are charged with cultural bias.


Is this really where the left wants to go? That any and all standards of human behavior or decorum must be labeled as “cultural bias” or “racist?”


If so, then bashing the Nazis for imprisoning Jews or baking them in ovens is racist. Attacking slave owners as being racist…is racist.


We have already seen the effects of this condescending, pernicious, progressive “ethic” in the growing numbers of young girls subjected to female genital mutilation recently performed in Western nations.


And in the number of our cities that have been deliberately allowed to burn.


If anyone is exhibiting bias, bigotry, or “white privilege,” it is the “progressives” who excuse any and all forms of vile behavior solely based on their own views of racial characteristics.



(In the hyperlink, which is to a podcast, the pertinent quote can be heard just after the 6-minute mark.)



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