Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Minnesota Gov. Walz Threatens To Imprison Business Owner, Release Child Murderer


Larvita McFarquhar is an African-American single mom with four children. She owns and manages Haven's Garden, a family-oriented restaurant in Lynd, Minnesota, with an attached gymnasium for kids. She is the quintessential entrepreneur and family woman, but, according to Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz, she is now a criminal, because she had the audacity to keep her business open in contravention of the governor’s orders. It matters not to Gov. Walz that she did this at great expense and in full compliance with all the governor’s safety and distancing restrictions. Walz, through the Minnesota attorney general's office, has filed documents to imprison McFarquhar for trying to keep her business afloat, feed her family, and provide an income for her employees.

Conversely, Gov. Walz and Attorney General Keith Ellison, as part of the state's “Board of Pardons,” recently voted to immediately commute the life sentence of Myon Burrell after he served 18 years for the murder of 11-year-old Tyesha Edwards in 2002. Burrell attempted to kill someone else in a gang fight that day, but a stray bullet hit Edwards in the heart while she was in her home doing schoolwork. Burrell's cousin and jail-mate testified in 2002 that Burrell confessed to the killing, and Timothy Oliver, the intended victim of the shooting, testified that Burrell pulled the trigger. But, no matter, Walz wanted him released anyway. I mean, Burrell didn’t defy an order he had given, and had no small business with which to antagonize him.

Leftist totalitarian wanna-bes like Walz are in the process of destroying Minnesota and most of the other blue states. Minnesota’s Ramsey County prison population plummeted by over 43% just since 2010, prior to the coronavirus outbreak and the George Floyd riots. Now formerly sedate St. Paul has one of the highest crime rates in the country, at 42 per one thousand residents, according to Neighborhood Scout. An individual’s chance of becoming the victim of either a violent or a property crime is one in 24. Think there might be a connection?

Hennepin County has recently done away with bail requirements for at least 20 felony-level crimes. Subsequently, car-jackings in Minneapolis were up a stupefying 537% this November over last year, and homicide numbers have risen dramatically, as well.

Only a leftist could believe it is good policy to decriminalize…crime…while criminalizing entrepreneurship and small business ownership.

If you Google Haven’s Garden, you will come across reviews that say: “A hidden treasure,” “Family friendly,” “Great food, cold beer, and a warm smile,” “You won’t be disappointed,” and “Five stars is not enough.”  

None of those descriptions fit Walz—or any governing body that tramples on the Constitutional rights of those they supposedly serve.

Larvita McFarquhar knows that all too well.


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