Saturday, December 5, 2020

Democrats Demand Unity After Four Years Of Attacks


              Democrats have spent the past four years savaging President Trump like no other president has ever been savaged. Remarkably, they started before he took office. They wanted to impeach him from before Day 1, so they hurled baseless allegations, lies and invective at him 24/7/365. To hell with the republic! They also attacked, smeared and slandered Trump’s supporters. And many other Republicans, something they have been doing since the Republican Party came into being. The volume of attacks and lies is literally too great to recount. As is the list of Democrats, “journalists,” media members, entertainers, Hollywood types, late night “comedians,” academicians, and assorted other ass-hats who have verbally assaulted the President of the United States in the most vile and aggressive manner. (Yet, most of these same people believe it is an act of “violence” to “misgender” someone who thinks they are a member of the opposite sex.)

              As if that wasn’t enough, they have recently, by all appearances, stolen a presidential election and/or refused to even acknowledge or investigate the staggering number of voter fraud allegations.

              And now these same folks are fervently demanding that Trump supporters-- and Republicans in general-- all join hands with them and “unite…for the good of the country.” Unity! Pass it on! What staggering hypocrisy and chutzpah!

              This is as if Japan, after bombing Pearl Harbor with no warning, suddenly pivoted and said, “We ask the United States to join us now in a show of unity, in the interest of peace and global harmony.”

              Perhaps the Nazis should have begged the Allies…and the Jewish people…to join them in a heartening display of unity circa April, 1945. “Let us now let bygones be bygones. Let us be big-hearted, forgiving and gracious…that we may show the world that together anything is possible! United in charity, hope and amity we are stronger than we are when apart!”

              And how different would history have been if the Southern states had successfully pled with the Northern states to allow slavery in each and every new state brought into the Union? Had they used the tactics of today’s Democratic Party they would’ve said something like: “You Republicans are so intolerant of our ‘peculiar institution.’ We feel disenfranchised, disrespected, and marginalized. If you were less bigoted and more inclusive, you would unite with us…for the good of the country. Indeed, for the preservation of the Union. So, let us do what we want and pursue whatever policies we deem best. Or we’ll have to kick your ass. As always, we are extending the hand of friendship and comity. Come, join us. Together we can make the world a better place. Or, more importantly, a more unified one.”




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