Sunday, December 6, 2020

Antifa Trying To Thwart Proud Boys' "Toys 4 Tots" Drive


            Antifa thugs are attempting to prevent the Proud Boys from conducting a Toys 4 Tots drive in Seattle.

The Gateway Pundit spoke to Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio, who explained that every Christmas various chapters try to do something to give back to their communities. Tarrio said, “Every Christmas multiple Proud Boy chapters put their resources together to make those that are less fortunate a little happier. This year our Seattle chapter is planning on donating toys for the ‘Toys 4 Tots’ program. With many of our members being Marine Veterans, this is their preferred method of giving back to their communities. Antifa communists caught wind of our operation and contacted the local Walmart. The unthinkable happened…they contacted local Police to try and stop us from getting the toys needed for our donation.”

Tarrio added, “The Seattle Proud Boys have informed them that they will not be changing their plans and they will have to arrest them in order to stop them.”

So, Antifa is working with local law enforcement? To cancel a children’s charity event put on by a pro-Trump men’s club? Bizarre doesn’t begin to describe this.

As Tarrio, stunned, reluctantly observed, Walmart is working with local domestic terrorists to stop children from getting toys for Christmas. I would have never believed this…but…2020.”

Memo to the Proud Boys: I hope you follow through with your vow to ignore the fascist and statist threats and distribute the toys. If you do, that will definitely be something to be proud of, boys.

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