Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Actress Says "Stand Your Ground" Laws Immoral


Actress-- and abortion activist-- Elizabeth Banks berated "Stand Your Ground" laws in a recent Twitter thread, calling them "BS" and nothing but "permission to kill people." The laws to which she was referring “allow” individuals, in the 25 states where they have been adopted, to defend themselves against intruders, thieves and potential murderers. Yet Banks, an outspoken supporter of a woman's right to abort babies, claims the laws exist only to aid "people who want justified reasons to use a deadly weapon."

Like, say, using a curette to kill a baby for your own convenience?

It is inconceivable, unbelievable, preposterous in the extreme that we now have people so dumb, unaware, egotistical, flat out evil…or some combination of these…that they think defending one’s own life against a criminal attack is immoral, but taking the life of another—innocent-- person for one’s own convenience is a natural right, enshrined in the Constitution, nothing more than “women’s health care.”

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