Wednesday, September 23, 2020

StudyFinds Study Finds Studies Usually Wrong


               A shocking new study found that most studies are…wrong. The study, conducted of a staggering 31,987 previous studies from various sources and on various topics, found that fully 96% of studies yield inaccurate, incorrect or outright false results and conclusions. Another 3% yielded results that were inconclusive, confusing or unprovable one way or the other. Less than 1 % were found to be “largely on the up and up and accurate.” Seven produced no results whatsoever, probably due to the fact all seven lacked a title, abstract, introduction, review, and were utterly devoid of methodology, discussion, acknowledgement or references.

              A spokesperson stated, on the condition of anonymity, “Frankly, in this era of hyper-politicization, most studies are funded by special interest groups…or George Soros. And they will lavish money—or 'special' favors-- on those conducting the studies. So, for example, if they want to 'prove' that El Nino is caused by white privilege, then that is what their studies will find. So-called 'scientists' and 'experts' are just as fond of money, drugs and getting laid as anyone else. So, realistically, we shouldn’t be too surprised at what this study found.”

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