Monday, September 7, 2020

Protesters Sue City Of Seattle

             They used to say that “crime doesn’t pay.” But, like so many other once obvious observations and helpful pieces of advice, that may no longer be the case.
              KIRO-TV recently reported that a group of “protesters” (i.e. rioters) has filed a lawsuit against the city of Seattle, claiming that the police department’s anti-riot policies have unfairly forced demonstrators (i.e. rioters) to buy prohibitively expensive protective gear in order to continue to exercise their First Amendment rights. Apparently, they mean their “right” to burn down federal buildings, loot stores and assault officers of the law.
              The suit seeks to obtain an order from a judge preventing the city from using blast balls and pepper spray on the (mostly peaceful!) rioters. It states in part: “Each of the Plaintiffs was unable to protest for a period of time for want of additional gear necessitated by SPD’s unmitigated and indiscriminate tactics utilized without restraint.” It also labels city streets “a public forum and site of protest,” and says the policemen’s actions resulted in “a pay-to-protest racket where only a privileged few who are wealthy enough or popular enough to crowdsource funds to purchase gear akin to that used by the police department they fund can truly be in the streets.”
              A few notes about that statement. Call me a skeptic, but I’m not sure the Framers intended the public streets-- and the public and private buildings surrounding them-- to be entirely covered in vile BLM and Antifa graffiti…and “F-bombs.” Also, if only “wealthy” people can afford to “be in the streets” protesting, which I doubt, the Plaintiffs could consider getting jobs. Okay, stop it, I was just kidding!
              Th Plaintiffs noted the Seattle City Council’s proposal to dramatically reduce funding for the police, stating: “It is chilling to the bone that this quelling is occurring at the hands of SPD—the agency whose very existence is being challenged, its funding debated this week.” Chilling to the bone? They are the ones challenging the SPD’s existence!
              Fox News reported that “helmets and gas masks” were among items listed as necessary protest gear by the rioters. No word if grenade launchers and sidewinder missiles also made the list. Hey, it’s dangerous out there when you’re burning, looting, defacing and pillaging! You’ve gotta protect yourself, right?
              The protesting Plaintiffs even had the chutzpah to ask the city to pay for the costs they incurred in filing the suit. Incredibly, the Seattle City Attorney’s Office issued a statement saying that it would look into the claims. Maybe they’ll offer the “protesters” reparations.
              The KKK, Al Capone, the Unabomber and Al-Qaeda all missed the boat. Had they committed their crimes and terroristic acts today, they would undoubtedly blame their actions on “American society” and successfully sue Uncle Sam.

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