Tuesday, September 15, 2020

L.A. Public Health Director Says Schools May Reopen After The Election

              Los Angeles’ KFI Radio AM 1640 has obtained an audio recording of Los Angeles County Public Health Director Dr. Barbara Ferrer repeatedly saying during a conference call that she doesn’t expect K-12 schools to reopen until “we are done with the election” in November. Think about that. She didn’t say that the schools might open around Halloween or in early November or “late this year.” She explicitly referenced the election as the marker for kids to return to school. Yes, she believes getting past the election would be the trigger for ceasing to dramatically upend people’s lives. Imagine that. What possible relevance does the presidential election have to schools’ response to the ongoing worldwide pandemic?
              Teacher’s unions, in harmony with the mainstream media, the “entertainment” industry, and Big Tech-- among other entities-- are blatantly using the school shutdowns as a cudgel to beat Trump with, as if somehow they were his fault. Should Biden win, you can be certain that the media will gleefully and endlessly run stories of students around the country heading back to school in a “glorious return to normalcy” starting the day after his victory is certified.
              Anyone who still clings to the belief that the education establishment has their—and their kids’—best interest in mind has now officially been schooled.

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