Thursday, September 3, 2020

De Blasio Says BLM Issue "Transcends All Normal Realities"

              New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio unilaterally decided to paint his city’s streets with huge yellow letters spelling out “Black Lives Matter.” This unprecedented move prompted a reporter at a recent press briefing to ask the mayor the following questions: “I’d like to know whether you submitted a Department of Transportation application before you painted your ‘Black Lives Matter’ street murals across the city? What’s your plan for other groups that now want to see their own messages on city streets?” These are obvious and particularly valid questions, but ones which de Blasio wasn’t keen to field. He replied: “The fact is that what I decided to do with the Black lives Matter murals…it’s an important thing for this city to declare officially. That is something that transcends all normal realities because we are in a moment of history where this had to be said and done.”
              In other words, “How dare you question me! I am afraid of them!”
              “We are in a moment of history where this had to be said and done?” Really? Now? When black employment had been at its highest levels in history? After a two-term black president had just left office?
              BLM’s leaders have publicly stated they want to abolish the nuclear family and replace capitalism with Marxism-Socialism. They sure as hell don’t speak for all black people, no matter what Joe Biden might think. Why is this group’s cause being elevated over everyone else’s? Perhaps because of the threat of violence and the fact that it is essentially holding America’s big cities hostage?
              Here are some messages I’d like to see painted onto our cities’ highways and byways: “Abortion Is Murder.” “Reverse Racism Is Still Racism.” “Men And Women Are Different…Hence The Different Terminology.” “The Climate Has Always Been Changing.” “Socialism Sucks.” “’The Squad’ Should Be Fired.” And, “Make Orwell Fiction Again,” among others.

              One thing is clear: in 2020, all normal realities have been “transcended.”

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