Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Joe Biden Says A Black Man Invented The Telephone


            Joe Biden wants to fact-check Donald Trump in real time during the upcoming presidential debates. This is endlessly amusing in that Sleepy Joe hasn’t uttered a truthful sentence recently with any greater frequency than he has a coherent one. Perhaps both candidates should be fact-checked equally. When Biden was in Kenosha, Wisconsin, recently to laud an “alleged” perpetrator of sexual assault—and other crimes-- who had scuffled with police, he took time out to talk history. He said, “Why in God’s name don’t we teach history in history classes?” Well, Joe, that’s because we are too busy revising history and promoting endless social justice wars.

He added, “A black man invented the light bulb, not a white guy named Edison.” Um, no. Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. That’s an incontrovertible fact. Lewis Latimer, a black man and researcher under Edison, discovered a better way to manufacture carbon filaments for Edison’s bulbs several years later.

You just know, the way things are going, Biden will pull out all the stops in an attempt to shore up the black vote…despite the fact he recently said, “If you’ve got a problem figuring out whether to vote for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.” He’s almost certain to say something like, “It’s time we recognize that black people invented pants. And the ‘boom box.’ Moreover, black folk also invented ketchup, water polo, tennis, lattes, celery…and ice hockey.”

A Biden-Trump debate would be a fact-checkers dream…or nightmare. Hyperbole is Trump’s forte, flat-out lying is Biden’s. Although, in Sleepy Joe’s defense, he may no longer be aware that he is prevaricating. Or of where he is. Thank goodness for teleprompters.

Biden might credit black people for inventing them, too.


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