Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Signs Of The Times


We are far along on our March to Madness. This can be seen in the ubiquity of meaningless gestures and vapid platitudes permeating our once great republic.

This may have all started with “Visualize World Peace” bumper stickers. Eventually there was nary a Prius, Volvo or Honda Element that wasn’t proudly and urgently imploring us all to “COEXIST.” With who and/or what exactly? Rapists? Arsonists? COVID-19? Hemorrhoids? Ironically, it turns out that the drivers of these vehicles are many times more likely to scream in the face of those with whom they disagree than are the drivers of, say, a bare-bumpered Ford Explorer or Chevy Silverado. But I digress.

The most ridiculous message I’ve ever seen on a bumper sticker was one that was fairly common a number of years ago: “YOU CAN’T HUG YOUR KIDS WITH NUCLEAR ARMS.” Really? You don’t say?! This sticker implies that most who read it either don’t actually realize that they can’t hug their kids with nuclear weapons or that they don’t care about kids as much as the owner of the car bearing the sticker does. Else there would be no need for their “wisdom” to be so broadly shared in this manner. And this to try to make themselves look and feel superior? Talk about a non-sequitur! In my opinion, the only proper response to “YOU CAN’T HUG YOUR KIDS WITH NUCLEAR ARMS” would be “YOU CAN’T CHANGE YOUR KID’S DIAPER WITH A FIRE HYDRANT EITHER, BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN THEY AREN’T VITALLY IMPORTANT, EINSTEIN!”

Today, in many areas of the country, we are subject to a dismayingly large number of house or lawn signs condescendingly proclaiming: "IN THIS HOUSE, WE BELIEVE: BLACK LIVES MATTER; WOMEN'S RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS; NO HUMAN IS ILLEGAL; SCIENCE IS REAL; LOVE IS LOVE; KINDNESS IS EVERYTHING." This takes inanity and hollow virtue-signaling to a new and disturbing level. These signs are easily translated: “WE BELIEVE WE ARE BETTER THAN OTHERS OR AT LEAST WISH TO APPEAR S0.” They are the opposite of inclusive, welcoming and egalitarian. They are, in a sense, “hate speech,” marginalizing and filled with imbecilic microaggressions. They insult and denigrate the reader on several levels, in a childishly moronic attempt to make the purveyor of the messages feel holier-than-thou. What is the person reading these signs supposed to think? “That’s funny, I don’t care for people of color or women…or any humans, really. Science isn’t real, love is hate and kindness sucks.” Or perhaps, “You know what, now that I’ve seen this sign, I fervently believe all those things, too! I have seen the light!”  

This proliferation of empty virtue-signaling has paralleled the proliferation of multiculturalism, identity politics and intersectionalism, all of which have tended to divide us from one another, black from white, women from men, etc., etc. And now, progressive proselytizers seek to demonize the rest of us. This has dire ramifications, for, as Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

What is a patriot to do?

Oh well.



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