Saturday, August 4, 2018

Canadian Man Identifies As Woman To Save Money On Car Insurance

                A resourceful 24-year-old man from Alberta, Canada, sought to legally change his gender to female on his birth certificate and driver’s license in order to get cheaper automobile insurance, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported recently. The man the CBC referred to as “David” would save nearly $1,100 a year on his auto premiums if he were a she.
                Until recently, Albertans were required to have a physician’s note of approval to change gender designations on their personal documents, according to the CBC. However, the government cancelled that requirement-- for adults-- in June. Now citizens can simply mark their genders as M, F-- or X, for those who purport not to fit into male or female binaries.
                The news angered members of the transgender community, some of whom said the move was a “stunt” that “cheapens” their cause. Others believe it casts doubt on everybody else’s motives for making a change in their gender designation. Speaking of “David,” one transgender “woman” said that, even if his intention wasn’t to cause harm to the transgender community, “he lied, so that really speaks to this person’s integrity.”
                An official in Calgary told the CBC that David could face legal consequences for his gender switch, while a legislator in the New Democratic Party tweeted that his actions amount to perjury. If that’s the case, then all transgenders have committed perjury. Christine Viney, a Calgary lawyer, told the network that those who change their genders on paper to save on car insurance could run into trouble if they need to make a claim. “If someone looking for car insurance knowingly misrepresents a fact they need to share in that application, then that’s a misrepresentation,” Viney told the CBC. “And the effect of that is that a claim by the insured can be invalid under the policy.” Insurance fraud is a crime, and a costly one at that. But, to be consistent, all claims by transgenders should be considered invalid due to misrepresentation. How can you possibly say that one “woman” with a penis is a “woman” but another “woman” with a penis isn’t?! Beam me up, Scotty!
                Some in the David-enraged trans community feel that gender markers shouldn’t be on government-issued IDs since “they serve no purpose” and are “irrelevant.” This, they say, is because gender is fluid and is simply whatever one identifies as at any given moment in time. Hence perfectly refuting their own argument.
                Service Minister Brian Malkinson told the CBC that his office isn’t aware of others changing their gender markers just to get cheaper auto insurance but made sure to add that those who do are “making a mockery out of something that can have a real, profound impact on people’s lives.” I beg to differ. Claiming you’re a man when you have a vagina or a woman when you sport a penis and a scrotum is what makes a mockery of something that has a profound impact on people’s lives……and the reason they have them.  
                TWICO (Transgender Woman’s Insurance Company) ad slogans:
·         “You could save 15% on car insurance with one stroke of the pen!”
·         “Pretending you have two X chromosomes could save you 15% or more on your car insurance!”
·         “Changing your name from Ed to Colleen could save you 15% or more on car insurance.”

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