Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Low Wages Are Violence?

 MoveOn is pushing hard for a $15-an-hour minimum wage. The progressive group recently sent out a tweet that included a graphic showing Winchell’s worker Miguel Caloxto, in which Mr. Caloxto whined, “I’m doing the jobs of 3 people: cashier, baker and running the store. That’s a lot of responsibility for just minimum wage. I deserve $15 AND union rights.” MoveOn’s tweet stated, “Low wages are violence. Knowingly letting people suffer is violence. It must end.”
If low wages are violence, long hours must be torture. Should cleaning a bathroom be against the Geneva Convention? Is employing someone to wash the dishes for $14-an-hour worse than water-boarding them?
 Miguel, I’ve done the jobs of literally dozens of people in past employments. And, I act as janitor, customer service representative, sales representative, agent, broker, policy services facilitator, and agency spokesman in my present one. And I don’t light my Cuban cigars with 100-dollar bills.
Which is not to mention my blog, for which I’m founder, creator, page designer, researcher, sole writer, content advisor, proof reader, editor and curator. Among other things. And I don’t get paid-- at all-- for any of this. Poor, poor, pitiful me. Do I, then, feel your grievance? No.
Miguel, I thought your generation was all about volunteerism. Oh, not for private businesses, I see. But where the hell do you think all money comes from? Money to pay employees? Money to pay government workers, and those in the Deep State? The money that’s donated to charity and charitable organizations? If you don’t like the wages offered, don’t take the f**king job, Einstein! Oh, you can’t do anything else, have no other skills? Holy f**king sh*t-ass cow, grab a broom and count your blessings! Or go back from whence you came. How many Norwegians, Germans, Italians, Irish, Polish, Swedish, and other peoples came to America over the past two hundred years with nothing but the shirt on their back and—possibly—the shoes on their feet, hoping for just an opportunity to improve their station in life? None of them professed to dictate terms to their new country.
 I don’t care how many African-Americans are in the country, how many Italian-Americans, how many Latino Americans. (Though I would hope that one day we’d all once again want to be known as just “Americans”). However, I don’t want even one more effing “easily-offended-American” to set foot on this land. The ones that are here illegally should be deported to whence they came, to marinate in their “offendedness” and forever reflect on the relative merits of nations.  
A $15-an-hour minimum wage is insulting? I feel your pain, Miguel. Hell, yeah! I deserve $50-an-hour. Maybe $100-an-hour. Why should any of us work for peanuts? Why not think big? Let’s make things better for everyone! I’m hereby calling for a $300-an-hour minimum wage. Hell, that’s still less than professional athletes, top lawyers, Fortune 500 CEOS and most Hollywood actresses and actors make, and that’s flat wrong. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? Why hasn’t it been implemented? Why haven’t representatives of the workers helped them take back the means of production?!
They have? In the Soviet Union, Cuba, North Korea and Venezuela, among many others?
MoveOn should move on. If it does, perhaps one day Miguel will be CEO of Winchell’s.

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