Friday, August 3, 2018

Millennial Madness

                According to a recent survey of over 2,000 people by YouGov and the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, Millennials, who now make up the largest generation in America, are increasingly turning away from capitalism and embracing socialism and even communism as economic alternatives. In fact, roughly one out of every two Millennials surveyed said they would rather live in a socialist or communist country rather than a capitalist one.
                Almost 45 percent of Millennials polled said that they would rather live in a socialist country, as opposed to the 42 percent who said they preferred a capitalist one. Another 7 percent said that they would rather live in a communist nation. The percentage of Millennials who claimed to prefer socialism over capitalism is more than 10 points higher than the general population. This is the result of higher education and rampant ignorance, the former ironically helping to produce the latter. As Ronald Reagan would’ve said: “They know so many things that just aren’t so.”
                Free-market capitalism was the wondrous aberration that produced the wealth that allows these historically ignorant morons to champion socialism, even though they have no idea how it works in practice, let alone how to pay for it.
               Millennials can pretend that capitalism is evil, and that Republicans want to foul the air, water and land. But, in actuality, millennials would no more wish to live in a Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, and the like, than they would want to give up their iPhones, video games and lattés. In part because they’d likely have to give up their iPhones, video games and lattés. For starters.
  Having government force other people to pay for your college and birth control may sound like a good idea to the naïve and amoral. In doing so, however, you’ve ceded control of your mind and body to others. The more “free” things you are given, the less free you are.

 As Rush—the band, not Limbaugh—once said:

 You can choose from phantom fears
 And kindness that can kill
 I will choose a path that’s clear
 I will choose free will.

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