Monday, August 6, 2018

Non-Binary Chicanery

Why should those who happen to have two X chromosomes be labeled “female” while those with one X and one Y chromosome are arbitrarily dubbed “male?” Our entire culture needs to change its views on gender. Fortunately, that is beginning to happen.
Instead of Heinz trumpeting its 57 Varieties (of Pickles, or whatever), they should promote 57 Varieties of Gender. That would be delicious. The Hundred Acre Wood in the Winnie-the-Pooh series should become the Hundred Gender Wood, thereby exposing kids to tolerance and inclusion. And, who wouldn’t want to read a book or see a movie titled, “One Thousand and One Arabian Genders,” or “2001: A Gender Odyssey?”
Perhaps we shouldn’t believe in binary numbers, either. What if a number was “assigned” a zero, but was really a one? Screw 0 and 1 for computer code, numbers are so much more complicated than that. They are whatever number they wish to be! Numbers are fluid and cannot be arbitrarily restricted to any set quantity. Numerology is inclusive and open and real, the Dewey Decimal System is just a rich, white construct, right?
Speaking of binary irrelevance, I don’t like the choice between life and death, either. This is too limiting. Who wants to be coerced into accepting one of just two recognized options? Should people be arbitrarily assigned as “living” at birth? What if that doesn’t align with how the theybe sees itself? Sure, we’ve heard of the “undead” or someone being ‘half-dead,” but what about the pan-dead, the nanoliving, or the trans-spirited, among so many others? Where is the inclusiveness? 
If we’re lucky, one day we will all be able to take part in the “Million Gender March.”
I only wish Carl Sagan had lived a couple of decades longer. How I’d love to hear: “There are billions and billions of genders out there!”
You are so right, Carl. There are an infinite number of galaxies and genders out there, the vast majority of them as yet undiscovered.

Once we decide there are more than two genders, there can be no limit of genders. If gender, the physical determinant of one’s sex, is rendered utterly irrespective/independent of one’s physical attributes, then nothing can be deduced or determined…nothing is knowable…and we are adrift in an endless sea of meaninglessness.

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