Monday, August 13, 2018

The Boston Globe And The Eight Years' War?

                Marjorie Pritchard, deputy managing editor for the opinion page of The Boston Globe, has taken it upon herself to reach out to newspaper editorial boards nationwide to coordinate written anti-Trump polemics to be published on August 16th.
                “We are not the enemy of the people,” Pritchard professed. You certainly act like it Ms. Pritchard, which might explain the historically low levels of trust they have in you. The Globe comically denounced the alleged “dirty war against the free press.” The truth of the matter is that the mainstream media has been waging an unrelenting, unprecedentedly vicious and dirty war against President Trump since the day he was elected. Multiple independent studies show that coverage of Trump has been between 90% and 95% negative, despite a booming economy and record low unemployment, among other positives. This is by far the most universally negative coverage of any president in American history. The Fourth Estate— literally—goes easier on mass murderers and foreign dictators.

                It would be fake news to report that these outlets aren’t engaging in fake news.

                Pritchard recently said roughly 70 papers had committed to nasty editorials thus far, with more expected to sign on daily. The fish wrap factories ranged from large metropolitan dailies such as the Houston Chronicle, Miami Herald and the notoriously leftist Minneapolis StarTribune, to small weekly papers with circulations as low as 4,000. (Similar to the attendance at a Hillary Clinton rally)!
                It is a measure of just how far these erstwhile bastions of unbiased journalism have fallen that they now conspire to launch a joint attack on the duly elected president of the United States of America, simply for holding them accountable. These editors will surely pat themselves on the back for their courageous joint assault on the president, and for “speaking truth to power,” oblivious to the fact that that is what Trump has been doing all along. Indeed, that is why they hate him.
                Time will tell how this turns out for the conniving columnists, who are preternaturally unable to take the high road. Hopefully, the people will see this collaborating cabal for what it is: an intolerant, hypocritical protector of the establishment elite, colluding among themselves while pointing their partisan fingers at Trump.

                The Founders were right. A free press is necessary for a free society. I wish we had one.

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