Thursday, August 2, 2018

Buying Votes In Chicago

                Willie Wilson, one of several Democrats who plan to run against incumbent Mayor Rahm Emanuel in next year’s election, handed out $300,000 to roughly 2,000 worshippers at a church on Chicago’s South Side on a recent Sunday morning, according to an aide who spoke to WGN-TV. You can be sure the attendees now worship Wilson.
                Talk about buying votes! This is cutting out the middleman (government) and directly greasing the palms of potential voters. Nothing incentivizes potential Democratic voters like cold, hard cash. Except, perhaps, for promises of unfettered abortion or free drugs. But, hell, cash can be used to pay for either of those.
                How did Wilson, a wealthy businessman, get away with this obvious payola-themed scheme to buy votes, since distributing cash is inappropriate, unethical, and generally illegal for a candidate seeking public office? Easy. His campaign manager, F. Scott Winslow, claimed the donations were legal because Wilson’s passing out money was “absolutely not” a campaign event.
                Of course not. He was simply overcome by the desire to stroll pew to pew and hand out hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash. Who among us hasn’t been gripped by the same irresistible urge? Perhaps his campaign manager is F. Scott Fitzgerald, not F. Scott Winslow. Why drop all those greenbacks into the collection plate when you can nestle them in the appreciative grips of those that can help you out come November.


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