Sunday, April 29, 2018

Teacher Sent Home For "Inappropriate" Shirt

                A public-school teacher in Alabama was sent home for wearing an inappropriate t-shirt recently, according to WALA-TV. What was the deeply offensive picture or message on the shirt? (These days one could be excused for wondering if it featured a snapshot of the teacher’s own genitalia). It was two four-letter words side by side: “Just Pray.”
                Not how to pray or who to pray to, just “Just Pray.”
                Chris Burrell, the transgressive teacher, told WALA that she wore the shirt to school because it reminded her of 11-year-old Aubreigh Nicholas, a young dancer from Semmes, a small town in western Mobile County. The shirt was part of a fundraiser for the girl…who was diagnosed with a rare and inoperable brain tumor last year.
                The principal who sent Ms. Burrell home was just following protocol, said Martha Peek, Mobile County Public Schools Superintendent. She stated that school policy bars teachers and students from wearing anything that reflects their beliefs. Ms. Peek said, “So, at the point of looking and seeing ‘pray’ on it,” the teacher should be instructed to “put on a sweater or something, knowing that there are other people who object to that…we have to be cognizant of everyone’s beliefs or everyone’s thoughts in a public school.”
                What if the t-shirt Burrell was wearing said “Don’t Pray?” Would she have been sent home?
                School policy bars teachers and students from wearing anything that reflects their beliefs? The color, style and cut of a shirt reflects a person’s beliefs to a degree. Would a student or staff member be sent home for wearing a shirt with “LGBT” on it? Would they be evicted for wearing a shirt in rainbow colors or one sporting a rainbow flag? Can a student wear a shirt with BeyoncĂ©’s likeness on it? What does that say about their beliefs or thoughts? Have you read the lyrics to her song, “Blow?”
                Shirts sporting the image of that jaunty communist Che Guevara were di rigueur on campuses for years and are still seen in areas of academia. How the “bleep” can that be? Guevara was a ruthless mass-murderer. Yet, that ghastly garment says nothing about a person’s beliefs or thoughts?
                We know a “MAGA” hat would get a student sent home and a teacher summarily dismissed if not executed, but would a “I’m With Her” tee be the source of similar disapprobation? “Feel the Bern?” I’m betting a teacher, even in Alabama, would get no blowback for wearing a shirt emblazoned with “CNN” or “MSNBC,” but one touting “Fox News” might be problematic. Shirts advertising “Game of Thrones” or “House of Cards” are fine, of course. I know a young middle-school aged child who wore a shirt trumpeting “Californication” to school with no repercussions.
                Our kids are taught that they can be any of an infinite number of genders, and that marriage is between any two or more entities that have feelings for each other. They are taught that if they feel like a boy one day, they are a boy that day, and if they feel like a girl the next, they are a girl on that day. They are made aware that Heather may have two—or more—mommies. They are instructed in the fine art of putting a condom on a banana. They are taught that guns are evil, as are Republicans and conservatives. And, incredibly, they are spoon-fed all of this debilitating doctrine in the name of “tolerance.”
                The end result of the left’s all-out attempt to indoctrinate our kids via their Grand Illusion Campaign is obvious to anyone with even a cursory knowledge of history. So, what can we do, short of a Second American Civil War, to save the formerly freest nation on Earth?

                Just pray.

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