Tuesday, April 3, 2018

CNN: JFK's Love Life Was "Legendary"

                Incredibly, CNN recently promoted its upcoming documentary/mini-series “The Kennedys” by hailing JFK’s “legendary love life.” The 35th president was famous for his serial adultery. He had an affair with actress Judy Campbell, who was allegedly also concurrently canoodling with the head of the Chicago mafia. According to a 2012 Daily Mail story chronicling the incident, JFK forced an intern to publicly perform oral sex on his assistant while in the White House swimming pool. He regularly swam naked in the same pool with two girls his Secret Service officers dubbed “Fiddle and Faddle.” Kennedy cheated on his wife with scores of women, many while in office. A friend of his, a Senator from Florida, once said: “Jack liked girls…he was a great chaser.” There is no doubt that in today’s #MeToo world he would be considered an odious sexual predator.
               And yet, CNN refers to his “legendary” sex life? Immediately after painting President Trump as a monster for alleged affairs with a Playboy model and a porn star, years before he held public office? CNN should be in the dictionary as a synonym for hypocrisy. Jeff Zucker, head of CNN Worldwide, apparently has as much of a fixation for Karen McDougal and Stormy Daniels as JFK had for Fiddle and Faddle. CNN mentioned them more often than the recently enacted Omnibus Spending Bill or North Korean despot Kim Jong-Un, actually remarking that the former wasn’t as “photogenic” as McDougal or Daniels…something that could certainly be said about Little Rocket Man, as well.
  To mainstream media outlets such as CNN, Kennedys and Clintons have “love lives,” whereas Trump and Republicans are vile, misogynistic womanizers. Watching-- and/or listening to-- sneering, Trump-hating anchors and “journalists” turns any fair person’s stomach. Those in the mainstream media have a mob mentality when bashing conservatives, but not, apparently, when reporting on a president who actually slept with someone who had mob ties.
Using “legendary love life” to describe repeated adulterous acts lends them a patina of glamor. (He came a lot in Camelot!).
CNN slams the NRA at every opportunity. Yet, it would probably tout an upcoming series on Chicago mobsters by referencing their “legendary” prowess with firearms, and Al Capone’s “remarkable dexterity” with a baseball bat. It would surely promote a series on notorious serial killers by noting Ed Gein’s “stunningly unique” line of home d├ęcor accessories.

And then it would refer to another “disgusting” and “unstable” tweet from Donald Trump, bigoted, misogynistic womanizer.

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