Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Diamond And Silk Censored

            And the flames leapt higher.

            The book burners are back.

Diamond and Silk, two African-American ladies who support President Trump, have apparently had their page censored by Facebook, dramatically reducing their reach. The duo queried Facebook as to why the company took the action and claim to have received this response: “The policy team has come to the conclusion that your content and your brand have been determined to be unsafe to the community.” They say the tech behemoth also noted that its “decision is final, and it is not appeal-able in any way.”  
The ladies Facebook page was created in December of 2014, and has received millions of visits, most since the inauguration of President Trump. Apparently, this is what was deemed “unsafe to the community.” You-Tube recently demonetized the duo’s videos, as well, costing them potential income. You-Tube has also banned a number of videos from Dennis Prager’s PragerUniversity. Mr. Prager is an intelligent, soft-spoken, mild-mannered, articulate defender of free speech whose videos never contain violence, sex or profanity. Yet leftist crackpots are allowed to utilize social media to post vile, obscenity-laden tirades threatening physical harm to conservatives. Users are allowed to watch ISIS behead someone, or observe other brutal acts as they unfold, but are often prohibited from seeing someone calmly and rationally challenge the prevailing orthodoxy as regards abortion or transgender bathrooms. Unbelievable. Or it should be. Arbitrarily abridging or negating one’s right to freedom of speech is unconstitutional and therefore criminal.
Nevertheless, conservatives on social media routinely get “shadow-banned,” their content blocked from the online community in such a way that they do not even realize it. In fact, there is a good chance you are not reading this right now, due to the very same bias and censorship, in which case I’m simply talking to myself and this has all been for naught…precisely the aim of the giant social media thought-killers.
Progressives don’t care for black folks—or any others-- who stray from the mental and physical plantations they have so correctly and generously provided.
Welcome to the new Salem. Hail the new witch hunts. Take a seat, the trials are now proceeding. You might want to hang around for a spell, the executions will soon be coming.

(The Washington Post likes to point out that “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” Have you noticed that it's getting dimmer? We have already entered the Twilight Zone).   

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  1. Two funnier comedians you cannot find. And the fact Trumphumpers belive they are read is the most entertaining part.