Saturday, April 7, 2018

California Conundrum

     California has branded itself a “sanctuary” for illegal alien criminals. No matter how many times they’ve been deported or what crimes they’ve committed, California will shield these illegals from the uncaring Feds who’d like to know their whereabouts. Now that’s tolerance.  
                The formerly Golden State is also awash in homeless folks. Countless thousands roam the streets of its inner cities, where they defecate. A lot. So much, in fact, that an interactive map of San Francisco was created back in 2014 charting the locations where human excrement “incidents” have occurred. The map, dubbed “Human Wasteland,” tracks the specific locations of piles of fecal matter reported to the city’s police force during any given month by marking them with poop emojis. Perhaps, instead of being touted as “The City by the Bay,” San Francisco should be referred to as “The Shitter by the Bay.” California as a whole might now be more accurately called “The Brown State.”
                California has literally gone to pot. The state recently legalized recreational marijuana use, and has been abuzz ever since.    
                And now a judge has ruled that businesses selling coffee must soon warn their customers that the beverage may be harmful to their health, due to acrylamide, a chemical that’s produced when coffee beans are roasted. The warning, mandated by the judge’s ruling in favor of the Council for Education and Research on Toxics, an organization that originally filed a lawsuit back in 2010, reads in part: “Chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive toxicity, including acrylamide, are present in coffee, baked goods, and other food or beverages sold here. Acrylamide is not added to our products, but results from cooking, such as when coffee beans are roasted, or baked goods are baked. As a result, acrylamide is present in our brewed coffee….”
                So, drinking coffee, cooking and baking are bad for a person, but smoking marijuana is perfectly okay? Incredibly, California purports to be concerned about possible birth defects or reproductive issues, yet treats Planned Parenthood and other abortion “providers” as if they were the bedrock of society. It can’t stomach the thought of a citizen somehow being adversely affected by a cup of joe, but steadfastly harbors criminal aliens who consistently end up rearrested for robbery, aggravated assault, and sexual abuse.
                How can this be?! You can’t make it up. This brings new meaning to the phrase “the pot calling the (coffee) kettle black.”
                Maybe someday Californians will get tired of rising to the smell of marijuana and human dung. 

                Here’s hoping that they wake up and smell the coffee.

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