Monday, April 2, 2018

Disney Princesses And Planned Parenthood

             “We need a Disney princess who’s had an abortion. We need a Disney princess who’s pro-choice. We need a Disney princess who’s an undocumented immigrant. We need a Disney princess who’s actually a union worker. We need a Disney princess who’s trans.”

             So read the tweet from the Planned Parenthood office in Keystone, Pennsylvania.

 The tweet was posted around 9:30 a.m. and taken down several hours later. But, prior to its removal, social media users shared captured screenshots of the post.
 Planned Parenthood Keystone President and CEO Melissa Reed, in a statement provided to Fox News, said: "Planned Parenthood believes that pop culture - television shows, music, movies - has a critical role to play in educating the public and sparking meaningful conversations around sexual and reproductive health issues and policies, including abortion. We also know that emotionally authentic portrayals of these experiences are still extremely rare - and that's part of a much bigger lack of honest depictions of certain people's lives and communities. Today, we joined an ongoing Twitter conversation about the kinds of princesses people want to see in an attempt to make a point about the importance of telling stories that challenge stigma and championing stories that too often don't get told. Upon reflection, we decided that the seriousness of the point we were trying to make was not appropriate for the subject matter or context, and we removed the tweet."
A social media backlash quickly ensued, with one female tweeting: “We need a Disney princess who can stop my money from going to Planned Parenthood where they spend it on killing future princesses.” Just so.
Ms. Reed purports to want an honest depiction of “certain people’s” lives and communities? How ‘bout we start with Christians, since they are mercilessly mocked on nearly every television show and in nearly every popular movie? Or white male businessmen, relatively few of whom are the greedy, conniving, bigoted bastards portrayed in the mass media?
Ms. Reed, do you really want an “emotionally authentic” portrayal of abortion? If so, in many cases we would be watching a confused young woman allow someone to reach into her uterus to snuff out a life. A woman who may be “emotionally scarred,” haunted even, for the rest of her life.
Ms. Reed’s statement that, “the seriousness of the point we were trying to make” was not appropriate for the subject matter or context of Disney princesses is entirely disingenuous. She targeted Disney princesses for her social-engineering remarks specifically because animated children’s shows are the only remaining “entertainment” vehicles that haven’t already been totally given over to progressive’s views on sexuality and the “values” of the LGBTQIA community.
What’s next? Disney princesses who have sex with animals? The dead? Their fathers? Donald Trump? No, that last one they wouldn’t countenance, that would be “icky” and weird…but all the others would be “challenging stigma and championing stories that too often don’t get told.”
Planned Parenthood is, by definition, an existential threat to innocent life. It is therefore also an existential threat to morality on planet Earth, and to any nation founded on the belief in the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
What we really need is a Disney princess courageous enough to say just that.

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