Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Refugees Suing Pennsylvania School District

                A group of immigrant refugees is suing a central Pennsylvania school district, saying the academy they were put in upon coming to America is not good enough.
                The six refugee students range in age from 17 to 21, and hail from Somalia, Sudan, Burma, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, according to Fox News. The six, represented by the Pennsylvania branch of the American Civil Liberties Union, are suing Lancaster schools in federal court, claiming that they were being denied access to a quality education.
                Officials for the school district say the six students were placed in the academy because it offers a special program geared towards their needs.
                “[The District] believes the lawsuit is without merit," Superintendent Damaris  Rau said in a statement. "We are confident we are doing an excellent job supporting our refugee students who often come to school with little or no education.”
                A special "acceleration program" at this academy was created for under-credited students, both refugee and non-refugee, which gives them the opportunity to earn credits toward a high school diploma by the age of 21, Rau said.  
                At this school, students receive the benefits of various opportunities… including remedial services, English classes for Second Language Learners, after school programs, and job and computer skills instruction, as well as mentoring services, Rau added.
                Immigrants used to be put on waiting lists, stand in long lines and be expected to know and recite various facts and minutia regarding American history in order to become citizens of the United States. They were grateful to be allowed to do so in an attempt to become Americans and simply- and only- be granted a chance to make something of themselves through hard work in a country where the government didn’t dictate the outcome of their existence.
                Today a selfish, repulsive, demeaning…and ultimately self-defeating…entitlement mentality prevails among many- if not most- of our immigrants.
                 To put this in perspective, can you imagine early American settlers, such as the much-maligned  Pilgrims and Puritans, suing Native Americans, claiming that they were not welcoming enough, and that life was too harsh here?
                One would think that refugees, by definition fleeing from war, poverty or oppression, would be incredibly grateful for the chance to come to a free and prosperous nation and be the recipients of free after school programs, job and computer skills instruction, mentoring services,  classroom instruction and an opportunity for a much better life.

                One would, apparently, be wrong.

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