Sunday, September 18, 2016

472 People Shot In Chicago In August

                At least 472 people were shot in Chicago during the month of August, 16 of them on August 31st alone, according to the city’s police department. Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson blamed the proliferation of guns and lenient sentencing laws for the bloodbath. How are your city’s strict gun-control laws working out for you, Chicagoans?
                Superintendent Johnson stated that the police have confiscated nearly 6,000 guns so far this year. “We’re doing our part,” he claimed, noting that the total is “more than New York and L.A. combined,” and added “We’re arresting these guys.” That’s as may be, but your city’s homicide rate is also greater than New York’s and L.A.’s combined. I’m guessing most of the guns confiscated aren’t shotguns or hunting rifles and that- in any case- almost none of them were purchased legally, in Illinois or elsewhere. One more “guess”: the majority of those arrested were black. Am I right? Just more proof of police bias! Nothing else to see here, no need to ask questions or delve deeper! Better to have 472 people- a month- shot than risk hurting anyone’s feelings!
                Superintendent Johnson got closer to the actual problem when he further stated, “Where we are having problems is holding repeat gun offenders accountable for repeatedly committing these gun crimes. And until we fix that, we’re going to continue to see this cycle of violence that we see every day.”
                Precisely why are we having trouble holding those who repeatedly commit gun crimes accountable?! That is one of the key issues here. That shouldn’t be a problem at all. And disarming the law-abiding has only made the problem worse.
                We can take away the pencils, pens and keyboards that are causing so many misspelled words in our society, but that won’t solve the problem. We can arrest the spoons, forks and straws that are responsible for the plague of obesity that is shortening so many American’s lives… but they will still be overweight. Inanimate objects are- by definition- incapable of acting on their own. Nor can they recognize good or evil, pro or con.
                That can only be done by individual human beings.
                Until we protect the family, return dignity to people’s lives by getting them off of the government plantation, recognize the existence of good and bad, and esteem the truth, integrity and character over diversity and inclusion, we are destined to be a failed society, rife with crime.


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