Monday, September 5, 2016

Oregon State University To Require "Social Justice Training"

                 Oregon State University will soon require all new students to take an online course on “social justice.” According to the College Fix, the full roll-out will occur at the beginning of the upcoming winter term, starting in January 2017. University documents state that the new program “is intended to provide all students entering Oregon State University an orientation to concepts of diversity, inclusion, and social justice and help empower all OSU students to contribute to an inclusive university community.”
                Tragically, OSU is not the first university to mandate such a curriculum.  University of Massachusetts-Amherst students are currently required to take two “social justice” classes before they can earn a diploma, and there are numerous other examples.
                “Social justice,” a catch-all phrase signifying a far left agenda of environmental extremism, feminism, gay/transgender rights, socialism, etc., is a burgeoning enterprise at OSU. Last year the school spent many thousands of dollars on racially segregated student retreats that examined topics like white privilege, racism, and oppression, among others.
                The university maintains a large Bias Response Team (BRT), which consists of seven top-level campus administrators who decide how to respond to reports of perceived harassment.
                Robby Soave, an associate editor at Reason, explains: “A student has no method of dissenting during an online training session on the necessity of complying with the university’s diversity dictates. Indeed, students might reasonably fear that agreeing with the ideology of the trainers is a precondition of coming to campus.” He continued: “Students are no longer merely required to grapple with leftist ideas in the classroom—they increasingly must live, sweat, and breathe ‘oppression studies.’ It is no wonder that so many of them have developed a healthy disrespect for the principles of the First Amendment. They are being trained—not taught, but trained—to think everything that offends them is a bias incident.”

                “You picked Coke over Pepsi? How offensive to Pepsi lovers!”
                “You rebuffed the brunette’s advances and went home with the blonde? Bias incident!!”

                I despise bullies, despise them with all my being. No power on Earth should be able to force one to believe something. I rebelled against more than one of my college professors for being utterly intolerant and hypocritical. No one from the left can make me believe something that simply isn’t so, nor can anyone on the right do likewise. This state-sponsored oppression and coercion has to stop or the United States is finished. The state sponsors of oppression know this…that is why they are doing what they are doing.
                The OSU course will aim to teach students that “systemic and local inequities exist and that we all play a role in creating an OSU community that resists and corrects injustice,” according to the university’s website. It will also explain “how to identify bias incidents and learn how to interrupt bias in our daily lives.”
                Here is a liberal’s two-step guide to identifying “bias incidents:”
1)      Is someone using extreme, misleading or inappropriate language? (Translation: Do they disagree with us?)
2)      Then screw the f-%!ing, right-wing, intolerant, NAZI-worshipping bastards!
Bias incident!

                And here is, in my opinion, the most effective way for college students to “interrupt bias” in their daily lives:
1)      Don’t go to class
2)      Ignore the mainstream media


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