Friday, September 23, 2016

China To Host World Dog Show In 2019?

                China is currently slated to host the World Dog Show in 2019.
                This is a country that slaughters roughly 10 million dogs each and every year, a nation with a truly appalling animal rights record.  Yet an international body representing Kennel Clubs in 90 countries is set to stage the event in Shanghai.
                It is a tradition in China to eat dogs. And trade in their meat. Incredibly, every year many dogs are deliberately boiled alive as part of that meat trade. Surely American progressives will see this as a quaint cultural trait, one that Americans must recognize as equally legitimate- if not actually superior to our own tradition of thinking about dogs as “man’s best friend.” Tolerance and inclusion! Tolerance and inclusion! No “invalidating!”
                The World Dog Show is considered by many to be the most prestigious international event for dog groomers and trainers to display their animals. It is organized by the Belgian group “Fédération Cynologique Internationale,” which is the largest canine organization in the world.
                Britain’s Kennel Club, for one, will not be attending the event.
                According to the, a petition calling for China to be stripped of the show has gained 550,000 signatures thus far.
                If your signature isn’t on that petition, please consider rectifying that with all due haste.
                It may well, figuratively speaking, be a dog-eat-dog world we live in. But it doesn’t literally have to be a man-eat-dog one.

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