Saturday, September 3, 2016

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Allowed To Wear Hijabs Now

                The Washington Times reports that female members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) will now be permitted to wear hijabs while on the job.
                The “Mounties,” world-renowned for their red uniforms and wide-brimmed hats, made a similar move in 1990 to accommodate Sikh officers, the article stated.  
                 “The commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police recently approved this addition to the uniform to allow female members of the Muslim faith to wear a hijab if they so choose,” said Scott Bardsley, a spokesman for Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale. “This is intended to better reflect the diversity in our communities and encourage more Muslim women to consider the Royal Canadian Mounted police as a career option.”

                RCMP Staff Sgt. Julie Gagnon told the Times that there are currently no recruits who have requested to wear a hijab on duty. But, hey, by heading off this potentially intractable issue that could so easily metastasize, chaos may well have been prevented. Way to solve a non-existent problem, RCMP!
                Soon, when you think of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, you will think of Muslim women in their hidejabs, Allah willing.
                The Dudley Do-Rights strike again!


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