Monday, September 19, 2016

CNN Blurs Out Trump Logo

                Still believe in an unbiased media? Sorry to shock you, but the mainstream media hates Republicans. This is odd, given the fact that many in the establishment wing of the G.O.P. are nearly as drunk with power and their own superiority as they are. RINOs run rampant in the formerly Grand Old Party, and they, too, are believers in big-government and free spending (“R.I.N.O.s” being Republicans In Name Only, for any low-information voters who may be reading this, as unlikely as that may be).
                Don’t pay attention to Big Media? Need more evidence? CNN Headline News recently made the decision to blur out the logo of a “Trump 2016” tee-shirt worn by an interviewee. Steven Eckel had recently broken a vehicle’s window and saved a baby that had been left alone in the steaming hot car. The network was understandably interviewing this heroic man, who happened to be wearing the Trump tee at the time. When they rebroadcast the interview, they blurred out the Trump logo, as if covering up genitalia.
                This wasn’t an episode of Naked and Afraid, this was supposedly hard news. How can we ever trust that what they are showing us is the simple, unbiased, unvarnished truth? They couldn’t countenance the fact that this unselfish hero might choose to wear a pro Trump shirt. And they sure as hell weren’t going to allow their viewers to see it.
                What’s next, are they going to project a #NeverTrump image onto the next person interviewed for valorous behavior? Or will they go the other direction and computer-generate “Trump 16” onto the clothing of people shown committing crimes?
                They say that truth is stranger than fiction. The mainstream media doesn’t want us to be able to tell them apart.

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