Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Boxscores For The Obama Era

                                             Boxscores For the Obama Era

                Historically, many Americans have enjoyed perusing the box-scores of their favorite sports, an activity that has been a morning ritual for millions. How did Colfax and Gibson pitch last night? Did “the Babe” hit another homer? How many points did Michael Jordan get against the Knicks? Could Gretzky have gotten another hat trick? How many yards did Gale Sayers run for? How many carries did Adrian Petersen get? What was Tom Brady’s completion percentage?
                This habit brings much real joy to many, yours truly included. It is-in and of itself- a national pastime. You see, sports is simultaneously important and an avenue of escape. It puts a value on achievement, greatness, desire, character, heart, teamwork and the work ethic. As well as on mental and physical toughness, much needed attributes today, ones rapidly on the wane in our society.
                Yet there are several dark shadows now hanging over the American sports scene, shadows beginning to diminish fan’s enjoyment of these games.  Many American athletes have somehow come to believe that an important part of their vocation is to express their feelings and “thoughts” about current events vis-à-vis perceived historical injustices, etc., particularly as regards the national anthem.
                This attitude has morphed into a meme and is being virulently spread across many sports- at nearly all levels. Recently, some high school athletes have refused to stand for the anthem, girl’s teams as well, of course, even on non-revenue generating squads.

                Soon, box-scores will read something like this:

111 yards rushing
276 yards passing
387 total yards
15 first downs
3 fumbles, 2 lost
Anthem: 43 stood, 4 sat, 3 knelt, 2 held middle fingers up, 1 had wiener hanging out

97 yards rushing
219 yards passing
316 total yards
13 first downs
2 fumbles, 1 lost
Anthem: 39 stood, 6 sat, 4 knelt, 2 held middle finger up,  1 had wiener out, 1 held up “Heil Hitler” banner

Time of Game: 3 hrs. 11 minutes
Attendance: 69,213

                The greatest call in the history of sport was, “Do you believe in miracles?!”
                The sad, but honest answer now has to be: “Not anymore.”

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