Monday, September 12, 2016

$2,700 For Kids To Ask Hillary Clinton A Question?

                 For a mere $2,700, a child under 16-years-old was allowed to ask Hillary Clinton a question at a recent fundraiser for the Clinton Foundation, the New York Times revealed. (In the 21st paragraph of a Saturday, September 3rd story).
                That’s right, if you were already a Foundation donor attending the swanky event held at the Sag Harbor, New York, estate of hedge fund magnate Adam Sender, and your child wanted to know, say, how Mrs. Clinton was going to protect her from the scourge of gun violence plaguing the Hamptons, all you had to do is cough up another 2.7 large and HC would do her best to answer.
                A family photo with Mrs. C could be had for only ten grand more, according to attendees!
                The article also stated that, at a recent dinner/fundraiser at the Beverly Hills mansion of entertainment mogul Haim Saban, the invitations made it quite clear that if attendees wished to dine and receive a photo with Hillary (and who wouldn’t?), they had to “Write not raise” $100,000.
                The front-runner in the presidential race, the standard bearer of the party of the poor and downtrodden, the under-represented and the underpaid, understandably believes that she can raise more money via private fund-raisers than she can utilizing town hall meetings or other public events involving the great unwashed. What’s more, her campaign knows that the hosts of these soirées will prevent any untoward questions and let the Shy One bask in the warm glow of affectionate embrace.
                “Lady” Lynn Forester de Rothschild, regular backer of Democrats and longtime Clinton ally, made certain attendees to the $100,000-per-couple lamb dinner she hosted for Hillary on the vast, manicured lawn of her oceanfront estate on Martha’s Vineyard did not ask any tough questions. “I said, ‘Let’s make it a nice night for her and show her our love,’” Lady de Rothschild allowed.
                Small wonder why Hillary could be seen “dancing” alongside Jimmy Buffet, Jon Bon Jovi and Paul McCartney at another recent tony affair. She even joined in on a sing-along to “Hey Jude,” reports say. The crowd included the likes of über-populists Harvey Weinstein and Calvin Klein.
                Mrs. Clinton raked in approximately $50 million at 22 fund-raising events in the last two weeks of August. That equates to about $150,000 an hour, even more than the federally-mandated minimum wage she has been touting.
                Hillary likes to talk about those who are “struggling and striving,” those “everyday Americans” she claims that Donald Trump is out of touch with. Yet she is clearly most at ease when in the midst of fellow millionaires. While Trump has been visiting flood-ravaged areas in Louisiana, attending black churches in Detroit, and meeting with regular Joes and joeys, Hillary is loathe to leave the coastal elite.
                At the recent dance-party/fund-raiser with the likes of Buffet, McCartney and Bon Jovi, Hillary declared: “I stand between you and the apocalypse.”
                The wealthy, hypocritical, “sex, drugs and rock’n’roll” types don’t need you to stand between them and catastrophe, Lady Clinton.

                And, to those who love (their) country, you are the apocalypse.

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