Saturday, April 30, 2016

Transgenders Old News, Trans-specied Now Cool

                It was only a little over three months ago (1/16/16) that I wrote a post titled “San Francisco Schools To Validate The Trans-Specied,” at the time thinking it was perhaps a bit over the top. I wanted to illustrate absurdity by being absurd in light of the ongoing transgender bathroom debates, etc.
                Turns out I was spot on- again. It seems like  every time I try to parody current trends, beliefs and behavior, I’m actually just accidentally posting breaking news. Eva Tiamat Medusa (you can’t make this up), a 55-year-old woman from Phoenix, has nearly completed her “journey” (which she herself calls “transspecieism”) to become a “mythical beast” through deliberate facial scarring, surgical implants and the removal of her ears. Eva was born Richard Hernandez before “becoming” female. She now sports such features as reptilian skin and “scales,” green-colored “whites” of the eyes, “horns” on her forehead, and breasts.
                The way things are going, I’m betting “She/It” will replace Ben Franklin on the $100 bill by 2050.


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