Saturday, April 9, 2016

ISIS Members Hand Out Candy After Brussels Attacks

                ISIS members and supporters were euphoric over their successful terror attacks in Brussels. They have already started “predicting” where the group will attack next.
                Sickeningly, according to Vocativ, a poll posted on al-Minbar, a popular forum for the group’s backers, asks: “What will be the color(s) of the Eiffel Tower in the next attacks?” (In the days following the Brussels attacks, the French landmark was illuminated in red, yellow and black- the colors of the Belgian flag- to pay tribute to those who were killed and injured). The U.K. was the nation most cited in the poll results, with Russia, the U.S., Germany and France also garnering votes. Moreover, the United States, the U.K., France and Germany were described on the poll’s forum thread as “the heads of infidelity.” (Not to be confused with REO Speedwagon’s classic ‘80’s rock album, “Hi-Infidelity”).
                Photos of ISIS militants in Syria and other areas handing out bags of sweets and assorted other items to children and men in the aftermath of the attacks were posted on the terror group’s “social media” sites. The photos included a statement informing readers that ISIS had distributed the sweets to fellow Muslims in “joy of the blessed attack against the Crusaders in Brussels.”
                Tolerance or judgementalism?  Moral equivalency? After the United States was attacked on 9/11, with the loss of nearly 3,000 lives, George W. Bush ordered strikes against Al Qaeda and other terrorist entities. No one in the U.S.- though they and their civilian countrymen were hit by a heinous, massive, unprovoked attack- passed out candy in the wake of particularly successful raids on those terrorists. No one trumpeted the “joy of the blessed attacks...”
                It is time for the West to unapologetically- and unequivocally- stand up for its own heritage and values. If we continue to allow (the false notion of) “moral equivalency,” political-correctness and a twisted interpretation of “tolerance” to prevent us from fully recognizing and combating evil, the Eiffel tower may one day be permanently lit in green.


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